Warwick’s women’s rowing team tried an unconventional way to make money for charity this year, and it actually worked really well.

The University of Warwick’s Rowing Society released a calendar as their fundraiser last year, which raised about $6,000 for the Macmillian Cancer Support charity. This year, they raised their fundraising goal, and upped the stakes by producing a nude calendar. This year’s goal is to raise $8,000, and they’re hoping that showing a little skin will help them get there.


The calendar’s organizer, Sophie Bell was quoted, “We have endeavored as always to make sure that the calendar is as tasteful and discrete as possible.”

Personally I’m not sure that producing a calendar of naked female college athletes is tasteful OR discrete, but it’s for charity, so that means something, right? The Warwick men’s rowing team has sold a nude calendar to raise money for charity since 2009, it’s refreshing to see equal rights in action.


The women’s calendar has already had 200 pre-orders, so it looks like they are well on their way to their goal. Check out photos and read more here. #NSFW