In our current time of online dating, it’s normal to have some reservations about meeting up with someone that you’ve met online. There’s a theory that women’s greatest fear is meeting a serial killer, while men’s greatest fear is to meet a woman who is fat. Quite a difference, but the reality of the latter is much greater.

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What would you do if you went on a Tinder date to find the person was about 100 pounds heavier than they appear in their photos? The guys who own “Simple Pickup” conducted an social experiment with both a man and a woman to find out exactly what would happen.


I’m sad to say that the reactions of the males and females were exactly what the stereotypes forecasted. The men who arrived to an oversized woman were blatantly rude. They asked questions like “are you pregnant?” and “do you like to eat?” Four out of the five men left the date very shortly after it began, one even claiming that he was married to get out of there. Yikes.


The women had a much gentler reaction to the plus size man. While they all made a verbal comment about how he looked much different than his photos suggest, most were still interested in getting to know him. One woman even kissed him goodbye- something not all men get on the first Tinder date.


To be honest, I’m not sure that this social experiment is really fair, or reflects any specific negative traits about either gender. When you participate in online dating you expect that people are going to be honest about who they are, that’s what makes it work. Using photos that don’t accurately reflect what you look like is lying, so while those men didn’t have a right to be rude and disrespectful to her, they did have a right to be upset that she was lying about what she looked like.  Women, by nature, are more gentle and understanding, so it’s not surprising they had better reactions to the situation.  We can’t tell what was actually going on in their heads.


Check out the videos and read more here.


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