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The University of New Mexico is facing some serious backlash after their extremely controversial “Sex Week” held at the end of September.  Seems normal for a college to teach about safe sex right?  Well yes, but UNM did it so tactlessly that they actually had to formally apologize to the public for their unfortunate mistakes.

You’re probably asking yourself what could they have done that was SO bad?  Well folks, they skipped the usual “Use Condoms” or “Here’s some info on Birth Control Options,” and went for events such as “How to be a gentleman AND get laid,”  “Sexy Mama’s” (I’m really curious about what that included), “Reid’s Negotiating Successful Threesomes” (Apparently this one may have a fee involved), “O-Face Oral,” and finally “BJ’s and Beyond with Reid.”

While these events sound totally enticing, I find myself wondering is UNM insane?! What’s worse is that these events were completely funded by student fees.  So, they basically used student tuition money to teach them how to negotiate threesomes.  Yikes.

Students and parents had a right to be mad that these are the events they are using as sex education.  A representative from UNM said, “The topic areas can be controversial, but they are also promoting respect, safety, and safer sex practices.”

The students may not be happy, but at least they know how to give BJs?  Read more here.

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