“I was heading to a party with this girl I was flirting with a lot. She had a super nice face and tits, but when we grinded, she kept sliding my hands down her pants but pulled my hands out and teased me and wouldnt let me finger her or feel her up, so I said “f**k this” and started grinding with other bitches til I met this girl with a huge ass and I stayed with her. I ended up taking her into the bathroom and f*****g her in the shower. After I got her number I texted her a bit to meet up with me later that night bc her sex was on point. I then found out she was a twin sister with the girl I went to the party with. When I went to her place later her sister was there and jealous of her, so I told them to fight naked for me, I was joking but they did, we then proceed to have a brutally dirty threesome.”

  • Dr. Johnson

    i feel like i saw this story on reddit..

  • Chris W

    That wonderful, faint aroma of bull shit is flowing out of my computer screen right now.