“I had just turned 19 and was in my first serious relationship. The girl I was with had jet black hair and a narrow, pale face that someone I knew described as being shaped like a teardrop. That might sound weird, but she was cute. She was also a chain smoker, an avid fan of crappy metal music and a nymphomaniac. It was really fun at the age I was at.

After getting back from winter break, our relationship got in to weird territory. She had said we should take a break and I didn’t really want to. So I just stopped talking with her for a little while and then, shortly after getting back to school, she approached me outside the dining hall and asked if I hated her. I said I didn’t. I asked her if she wanted to hang out. So we did later on and ended up f*****g. It was a quick f**k and it confirmed us as being in the territory of people who f**k each other rather than boyfriend and girlfriend. But I was too naive to realize that and kept thinking of her as my girlfriend. Let’s call her Andrea.

One evening I was at a party in my friend’s dorm when she called me. She was at a party at her friend’s house, drunk. She was nervous about some guy who had been hitting on her and wondered if I could come over. I initially said I was at a party and couldn’t, but my dick got the better of me. So I made it over to her friend’s house and by the time I got there it was after 1 in the morning and the guy who was hitting on her had left. The people that remained were all drunk. I was kind of drunk. Myself and Andrea drank from her bottle of vodka and eventually found ourselves on her friend’s pull out couch-bed, getting busy. She was on the pill, so I didn’t need to use a condom.

I was still somewhat naive about sex at this point. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with a vagina. So I guided myself inside her. I remember her wearing just her black bra. She sighed lightly and said, “stick yourself all the way inside me.” It was only at this point that I realized, of course, that’s how you do it! I stuck my cock all the way inside her so my balls rubbed against her pubic hairs. She sighed deeper and I started moving. She said, “Go as hard and as fast as you want…” So what did I do? I went as hard and as fast as I could. And after a few minutes, I realized that I was really f*****g a girl for really the first time. The bed was creaking. My balls were slapping against her vagina. She had her arm around my shoulders. She was panting, trying to be subdued. She whispered, “Dan, you’re gonna make me cum…” So I moved in and out even faster. Then she squeezed my waist with her thighs and we both came simultaneously. It felt so good that I pulled out too soon and got cum all over the bedsheets. This wouldn’t have been as big a deal if she hadn’t leaked on the bedsheets herself. So after we were done, she suddenly got intense, telling me we had to clean up as she looked at the sheets in horror. I remember going to the bathroom, getting paper towels, bringing them back to her, then going back to the bathroom to wipe all the wetness of my cock and take a piss. When I came back, she had cleaned everything up. 

We passed out on those sheets which were still a little stained and which made her friend make sure to never let us sleep over there again. But it didn’t matter because we broke up not long after.”c

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