Love is in the air and on the bushes and every else on campus, except in the classroom. I get no love there. If you’ve ever looked around your school and saw some of the most intelligent and attractive people and thought, “Wow. I will probably find my future boo thang here.” Well, you’re not the only one.

USCvia Huffington Post

According to The Dating Ring, there is a list of schools whose alumni make the most (and least) datebale people. After analyzing 7500 forms of data, the list is out and topping the chart with the most dateable alumni is Colgate University, a small private college in New York City. A shocking 81% of the percentile said that they’d like to get to know people who were graduates of this university better and asked for second dates. At the head of the list of the least datable college alums is Babson University of Wellesley, Massachusetts.

There were some big names on this list and a few of their choices shocked me a little bit. My school, Indiana University was nowhere to be seen on the most dateable  list, but we weren’t on the other list either so it could have been  worse. Among both lists were UC Berkeley, University of Austin Texas, Princeton University, Michigan State, U of Chicago, and Northwestern. No to see where these schools ranked and which list they were on or to see if your school made either cut read the full story.

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