Best CF 2014

It’s time for a walk down memory lane, my friends. We’ve all enjoyed sharing our dumbass behaviors. Through it all, we still kept confessing. Happy Confessing in the New Year.


SAVAGE. I’m curious whether it felt good or bad.


Thotinthians. Easily my favorite tweet from 2014.0


It’s getting to the point where these people have even more kids or they’re just alcoholics.


Where I come from, 5 out of every 4 people think they’re the next Jay-Z.


See. Collegefession people can be sweethearts too.


The Annual Collegefession Music Award goes to you.


Don’t worry Manti, she didn’t deserve you anyways.


And this guy wins highest confessor of the year.


Relax. It’s for a good cause.


Throwback to when you guys started getting sentimental with us. Congrats.


DAMNIT JAMEIS. You’ve invented a new kind of stupid.


How much can’t could a white girl can if a white girl couldn’t can’t can. What.