Wooden christmas background with red santa hats for a festive fr

Christmas is a time to connect with family and bond over the love and cheer found in the air around this magical time of year. It’s also the time to get freaking wasted and do really crazy shit! Some of the best Collegefessions come from the most wonderful time of the year. Here are a few of them from past and present Christmas seasons.


Hey bitch, nobody cares. Except the girl you’re screwing over. She probably care a lot.


Nothing says Merry Christmas like encouraging your child’s drug habit.


Now THIS is what Christmas is all about!

Wishing for the same thing man, year after year.

You must have given Santa a bribe or something.

Girls are temporary but a cat ….a cat is forever.

That’s like Iggy Azalea asking for the ability to rap. It aint gonna happen.


Hope you got some gift cards to Planned Parenthood.

Give her the gift of a restraining order.

Pretty sure your country doesn’t celebrate Christmas. #Merica


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