“My bf of 2+ years has a best friend that’s a girl and she acts like his girlfriend. She makes plans and gets mad when he doesn’t text her but he claims they’re just friends. What do I do?”

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  • Ashleigh

    The last time my long term boyfriend had a girl best friend and got mad when their plans fell through, was the last time I had my heart broken after finding out they were more than friends. Sorry, but reality is she probably wants him and will fight until she gets him. Bye bye BF of 2+ years.

  • Shanna

    Smack her ass! Let her know who's boss he might be telling the truth but she may not see it that way just talk to him.

  • Jake

    suck his dick everyday

  • meg

    Confront her tell that B to stop its your boyfriend you dont need to share your boyfriend with another girl. Even if they're "Just Firends" she doesnt need to be so clingy on him. Trust me be careful i had the same situation in high school he said they were just friends and not even 2 weeks after we broke up he was with her. And honestly i wish i confronted her about it, dont make my mistake. But be nice at first if she doesnt stop get bitchy

  • Brooke

    I don't think it necessarily means anything. My best friend of 8 years is a male and we've never been interested in each other and are both in serious, committed relationships. And I get pissed when we don't hang or he ignores me but I'm the same with all of my girl friends, too. You should try to hang out with both of them together and get to know her before you think anything.

  • I’m going through the same

    If you have a real reason to believe something more is going down... Trust your gut. But don't let insecurity and jealousy ruin your relationship; it will only push him further away.

    That being said if you have an issue with their relationship he should respect it.

  • meg