Drexel University


      “Okie so me and my ex were over her grandparents house for thanksgiving and we helping them cook food to bring over their other family members house. so they leave after we finish cooking and leave us in charge of cleaning up the place before me and my ex get there. long story short we ended up having sex on their bed”


      Ohio University, Halloween 2013


        “This is, to my knowledge, the true story of Halloween 2013 as I experienced it. On the other hand, it’s been the better part of a year and I still don’t think I remember everything. But my friends love this story and we decided it should be shared. 

        After ending up in Athens a day early, going to a house party, passing out on a friend’s floor, going to the football game, and helping one of my buddies who went down there with me (we live a couple hours away) find his truck, I got back to another friend’s house in time to pregame for the festivities. Everyone else was playing drinking games, and at some point I ended up with someone’s drink. Later on, another guy texted me to meet him at the block party on Church Street.

        This is where it gets a little confused. I saw a guy who had been in OU’s marching band. At some point someone emptied a water bong onto my head, and it was before I ran into a guy I knew in high school. He looked at me and said, “Dude, you look like a wet shit and smell like you rolled in a weed field.” That’s seriously how I remember that conversation.

        A guy got arrested for punching a horse. I saw it happen.

        After party hopping for a little while, I ended up in a big mosh pit. The guy I went there with was at the other end of it, because he remembered seeing the fight start.

        A lot of people ask me if it’s true that some people practically rioted down there. I tell them not to beat me to the funny part.

        I don’t know why, but someone threw a beer at my head and then a fight started. There’s a difference between a fight and a mosh pit, and this was a thirty-person fight. One of the other guys hit me hard in the back, so I turned around and punched him in the face-I’m pretty sure I broke his nose. Now, I’m by no means a pacifist and I know how to fight, but my friends love that part because I’m normally not violent. After that, I hauled ass.

        A party or two later, I got into another fight, and it sucked. Fights suck. When the shit hits the fan, it’s better to get away. Trust me.

        I made it back to my friend’s house eventually and passed out in my car. Those are my immediate memories. This is either stuff that I’m not sure if it happened or I don’t know when. It’s hard to say, because for the first ten minutes after my friends made it back they wanted to make sure I wasn’t on any really hard drugs.

        -I think I ended up in a crack house at one point, or something similar. I really don’t remember this, and it might not have actually happened, but my friends were pretty convinced for a while.

        -I walked in on an orgy and left right away. Trust me. They were huge. It was several tons of fun.

        -I played beer pong for money. I know it happened, and it wasn’t too late in the partying. I was the only one there making shots effectively and my partner drank everything. But I have no idea when or where beyond that.

        -I barfed in someone’s kitchen sink.

        -I Snapchatted a friend about hell and damnation. 

        -I sat in front of a church and almost passed out. The only reason I didn’t was some drunk chick hit me with a toy sword and almost gave me a concussion. I suppose I owe her for that, I’d never have made it back without her doing that.

        There’s probably a lot more. That might only be ten percent of what happened. But it’s all I got.

        Now, I usually don’t party without my friends, but I had one hell of a night. So hell yes I’m going back this year, and we stick together this time. My bro, the one I went with, he got back several hours after I did with a smile on his face, a chicken hat on his head, and no idea how lost he had been. Should be fun.”


        Hocking College


          “We went to a party one nightn and being from ‘recheck tech’there was about 20+ guys. No girls. We were playing beer pong on an old door. One team was facing out the garage we were all focused on the table, inside. The one thrower- just before he threw the ball said “Look! Girls!” And all 20 of us turned and looked out, he bounced and death cupped the other team- they had to chug all of their 10 cups and the winners 10 cups. There were never any girls.~2011″


          York College


            “I had a different girls sleepover or stay real late like 8+ times the past two weeks.

            Finally got the one I actually wanted to come over and it was amazing and I’ve never seen a girl be more happy, next morning she pulled a full 360. Morale of the story don’t go after a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend”


            Manhattan College


              “It was barely a month into my first semester freshman year and I really didn’t go out much. I usually drank, at the time, for just the social aspect, not to get f****d up. Anyway I was kind of in a depressed mood when a senior friend of mine said he wanted to take me out and show me the city. I agreed as not to come of like a bitch even though I knew I wasn’t feeling it. We went to like Chinese place that serves unlimited house wine for an initial fee. We where only there 45 mins and I finished about two to two and a half bottles on my own. I have no recollection as to what happened after, I just know I woke up in the hospital with a hobo in the bed next to me covered in my own blood from a 3 inch gouge at the top of my head, it required 5 stiches and I still had to find my own way back to campus because my senior friend said I left by myself and he had no idea what happened to me. I had only the bloody clothes on from the night before, proceeded to buy 2 Sauguge egg and Che ese McGriddles from McDonalds, got a free coffee from the cashier, and eventually made my way back up to campus 188 blocks away. I regret nothing.”


              University of Virginia


                “I was heading to a party with this girl I was flirting with a lot. She had a super nice face and tits, but when we grinded, she kept sliding my hands down her pants but pulled my hands out and teased me and wouldnt let me finger her or feel her up, so I said “f**k this” and started grinding with other bitches til I met this girl with a huge ass and I stayed with her. I ended up taking her into the bathroom and f*****g her in the shower. After I got her number I texted her a bit to meet up with me later that night bc her sex was on point. I then found out she was a twin sister with the girl I went to the party with. When I went to her place later her sister was there and jealous of her, so I told them to fight naked for me, I was joking but they did, we then proceed to have a brutally dirty threesome.”


                Gardner Webb University


                  “Got really drunk for formal last year and while pregaming I met one of the hottest girls of my life and we hit it off right away. As the night went on I got drunker and drunker and we decided to leave together and she heads to the room but I go to my best friend first for confidence and he gives me a pep talk I go in the room saying “I can do this””I can do this” she hears that and gets up and tells me “no you can’t” and walks out”


                  Berklee College of Music


                    “So Me and my FWB have been having sex for 2 months now . He treats me like a princess and buys me free food all the time cause he caught feelings. I told him the whole time I didn’t want anything more but he always tried to be my boyfriend even though I was hooking up with other people . This weekend he kissed another girl and I actually got jealous. Out of anger I slept with his roomate. After I realized I actually had feelings to and wanted to date him. But when he found out about me sleeping with his roomate he totally changed his mind and now wants nothing to do with me. I f****d up big time.”


                    University of Illinois


                      “I had just turned 19 and was in my first serious relationship. The girl I was with had jet black hair and a narrow, pale face that someone I knew described as being shaped like a teardrop. That might sound weird, but she was cute. She was also a chain smoker, an avid fan of crappy metal music and a nymphomaniac. It was really fun at the age I was at.

                      After getting back from winter break, our relationship got in to weird territory. She had said we should take a break and I didn’t really want to. So I just stopped talking with her for a little while and then, shortly after getting back to school, she approached me outside the dining hall and asked if I hated her. I said I didn’t. I asked her if she wanted to hang out. So we did later on and ended up f*****g. It was a quick f**k and it confirmed us as being in the territory of people who f**k each other rather than boyfriend and girlfriend. But I was too naive to realize that and kept thinking of her as my girlfriend. Let’s call her Andrea.

                      One evening I was at a party in my friend’s dorm when she called me. She was at a party at her friend’s house, drunk. She was nervous about some guy who had been hitting on her and wondered if I could come over. I initially said I was at a party and couldn’t, but my dick got the better of me. So I made it over to her friend’s house and by the time I got there it was after 1 in the morning and the guy who was hitting on her had left. The people that remained were all drunk. I was kind of drunk. Myself and Andrea drank from her bottle of vodka and eventually found ourselves on her friend’s pull out couch-bed, getting busy. She was on the pill, so I didn’t need to use a condom.

                      I was still somewhat naive about sex at this point. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with a vagina. So I guided myself inside her. I remember her wearing just her black bra. She sighed lightly and said, “stick yourself all the way inside me.” It was only at this point that I realized, of course, that’s how you do it! I stuck my cock all the way inside her so my balls rubbed against her pubic hairs. She sighed deeper and I started moving. She said, “Go as hard and as fast as you want…” So what did I do? I went as hard and as fast as I could. And after a few minutes, I realized that I was really f*****g a girl for really the first time. The bed was creaking. My balls were slapping against her vagina. She had her arm around my shoulders. She was panting, trying to be subdued. She whispered, “Dan, you’re gonna make me cum…” So I moved in and out even faster. Then she squeezed my waist with her thighs and we both came simultaneously. It felt so good that I pulled out too soon and got cum all over the bedsheets. This wouldn’t have been as big a deal if she hadn’t leaked on the bedsheets herself. So after we were done, she suddenly got intense, telling me we had to clean up as she looked at the sheets in horror. I remember going to the bathroom, getting paper towels, bringing them back to her, then going back to the bathroom to wipe all the wetness of my cock and take a piss. When I came back, she had cleaned everything up. 

                      We passed out on those sheets which were still a little stained and which made her friend make sure to never let us sleep over there again. But it didn’t matter because we broke up not long after.”c




                        “Well let’s start this story by saying that my ex texted me yesterday saying she wants me back. 

                        So it was about a year and a half ago when I meet this girl at a party. She is looking amazing and dancing incredibly sexy. Oh and here’s the kicker, she cannot take her eyes off of me nor I her. (I was later told half the girls there wanted me) but I work my way over to her and we do the typical small talk and wouldn’t you know it we have a lot in common. So I get her number and we go on a few dates and then I finally ask her out. Well a few months go by and we see each other everyday and one day she just transfers schools. Now mind you this had been months since we first started going out and not a mention of her transferring. So I’m sitting there balling my eyes out thinking it’s the end of the world. But she asked me to follow her. So I did. Worst mistake of my life. I transfer as soon as I can and we move into an apartment together. Now we get along perfectly but the issue of her just leaving out of the blue keeps coming up. Finally she admits she couldn’t take the city anymore and needed a change but didn’t want to hurt me. I call bull shit but don’t say anything nor bring it up anymore. Well another month goes by and we settle in and this is where it gets f****d up. She admits that there is someone else she has fallen for. Says that I need to move out, I’m paying for the apartment, and that he is a better guy than I will ever be. So I comply and she starts paying and I find a different place. Not a week later she calls me saying she made a huge mistake and that he only used her for sex. We were both waiting for marriage and now she isn’t a virgin. yet I take her back but don’t move in. A week goes by and I come home to the same guy in my bed with her. So I flip shit. I beat the shit out of him and kick her to the curb. Her mom calls me yelling and says that she called the police and they are one the way to arrest me. They took my side and arrested her for an outstanding warrant. Turns out the reason she left the city was to escape the cha rges. Well she gets locked up for a month and gets out. Her mom hates me for no reason and her sister has been talking to me saying that I was the victim and that I didn’t deserve any of that. So I move back to be with her sister and we are still together this day. I feel bad for her though because she was dis honed by her family but it’s okay because she had the cheater father the crazy mother and the psycho sister. But hey love is love”