“Before I left this school for 2 yrs, i met this cute white guy. He seemed really nice and charming. I thought it was super cute that he kept staring at me, but when I’d catch him, he’d look away. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name anymore. I kno a few things for sure, it was really nice of him to gather up the courage to talk to me. He asked me what class I came from, what my name was and what an impression was (artistically speaking). He made me laugh when he said something around the lines of, ‘my impression of you.’ I admit, it was hella corny, but it was really cute.

I met him a second time after my art night class ended. What I regret most about this part of this meeting was what I did. I was listening to pandora radio when I saw him again. He left a small gap between him and I. Then he sat really close to me to the point where his right leg and my left leg could accidentally bump into each other. I regret not talking to him that time 🙁 I knew he was there, thinking back, I guess I ignored him. I really wish I hadn’t. If he still goes to SCC, I’d like to talk to him again and really get to kno him. I hope I find him or the guy who wrote me that really nice note. #obliviousasianchickprobs”

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