I’ve had a couple weeks of playing with my new iPhone 6 (slate grey version) to get a good feel for it. Mind you, I was coming from the 4S. I decided I didn’t want to carry around a television in my pocket, so I decided against the 6 Plus.



The new iPhone measures in at 4.7 inches. When I pick up my old 4S now, I don’t know how I lived with such a small screen. It’s the perfect size for me, despite my short, chunky fingers. It can be tough to reach the top row of apps when you’re one-handing it, but a quick double-touch on the home button lowers the screen so even my sausage fingers can touch the top row.



Not going to lie— the design isn’t very breathtaking. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just as sexy as the older iPhones are. It’s just…I kinda wanted to be “wowed,” ya know? Maybe that’s just me being a greedy consumer. But for $200 with a 2-year contract, I sort of expected something more aesthetically appealing. I will say that it’s thinner than the old iPhone, which I don’t understand at all. But some people have had issues with their phones bending in their pockets. Hits the treadmill *cough cough*.



There’s a bunch of new features with iOS 8. I guess they aren’t strictly to the iPhone 6, but they’re still new features. They’ve got some virtual wallet thing, but I don’t think that’ll be very popular until all stores start accepting payment via smart phones. If you want to see the features, here’s a link to apple’s iOS 8 overview (https://www.apple.com/ios/).



I think cameras in phones are getting to the point where they’re amazing unless you still use an enV3 (shoutout to you guys). Nonetheless, the iPhone 6 takes some pretty sexy photos. It also has slow-motion and time lapse video options. I have yet to find the time where I can leave my phone for a time lapse video, but I’ve seen ones other people took and it’s awesome.


Overall (9.5/10)

A definite upgrade over any older version of the iPhone. To me, this is the best phone on the planet (suck it, Android users).

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