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  • University of Oregon

    “I prefer girls send lingerie snapchats over nudes, #IsThatWeird #ILikeTeases” 

    WTF (9)

  • Atlantic Cape Community College

    “My boyfriend hates roadhead, because I distract him too much ;) #concentration” 

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  • High School Senior

    “Going to make my next year college decision solely based on collegefession.” 

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  • NC State

    “The amount of pussy I get cause girls want to see if the carpet match the drapes #GingerSolutions” 

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  • University of Kansas

    “I’ve had a facesitting f****h since my balls dropped but can’t find a girl to help me out. Help?” 

    WTF (10)

  • ASU

    “I just stole batteries out of my daughters toy to put in my vibrator.” 

    WTF (18)

  • Mizzou

    “I got so drunk one night partying someone called an ambulance, I fell in love with the EMT. Now I really need to get f****d up again. Save me!”

    WTF (9)

  • Salem State University

    “High maintenance girls give the best head. #GagReflexForDays” 

    WTF (7)

  • UCR

    “I’m typing this out while my boyfriend fucks the shit out of me doggy style” 

    WTF (8)

  • sd state univeristy

    “I let a married man finger me for the first time .now I kinda wanna go farther #heisgettingadevorce #wonderhowhefucks” 

    WTF (12)

  • Iowa State

    “Sometime when im f*****g my I cum on my own stomach to see how it feels. I kinda like it.” 

    WTF (13)

  • New Jersey City University

    “I have a girl but still think of my ex and want to f**k her , the love was just that good ! But I’ve had sex with my ex while with my girlfriend , it was just that long ago” 

    WTF (11)

  • SUNY Oswego

    “I made-out with a girl in an empty classroom… she doesn’t even go here. She was on a tour. #jailbait #ohshit” 

    WTF (7)

  • Northwest state

    “I like to pet my girlfriends vagina & say “come here kitty kitty” ;) #ilovecats” 

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