Read Collegefessions

  • Queens University

    “My boyfriend always tells me how lucky he is to have me, when what he doesn’t know is I have frequent threesomes, without him. #SorryNotSorry #HighInDemand”


  • West Virginia University

    “Where frat brothers are more important than your girl friends. Have fun being single. #DoucheBagAlert”


  • Century College

    “I lost my virginity to a guy because I was mad at his best friend. #woops”


  • Missouri State University

    “Whenever I get heavily intoxicated I forget how to use my limbs and I become dead weight like a sack of potatoes.”


  • Pacific Lutheran University

    “I love my man’s beard so much I told him that for every day he didn’t shave, I’d give him head whenever he asked. He didn’t touch that razor for months.”


  • Ohio State

    “if we date I’ll be a gentleman and treat you like a queen and we can make my face your throne.”


  • BYU

    “Slept over with this guy even though we aren’t supposed to be in eachothers rooms with the door closed #whoops”


  • Mizzou

    “I am reclaiming the cost of my tuition by stealing silverware and coffee mugs from the dining halls”


  • Western Michigan University

    “Took my gf to the movies. The theatre was empty, and she gave me a blowjob. #keeper”


  • Marian University

    “Don’t tell a med student your herpes are just bug bites.”