Read Collegefessions

  • Shippensburg university

    “My roommate has the body of a movies star but doesn’t get laid because he has no game.. #StepUpYaGame”


  • Arizona State University

    “I make sure that the girls who I go to a party with leave with me or someone they want to hook up with. I’d rather not hear about them on the news.”


  • Hendrix University

    “When my two roommates are gone, my boyfriend comes over and we have sex everywhere in the house…including their rooms. #oops”


  • US Army

    “Still have feeling for my ex from freshman year, have a gf of a year now #helpme”


  • San Francisco State

    “you won’t make it through college if you don’t have one of the three , great sex , great weed , or great self control .”


  • MSU

    “i love waking up to my roommate f*****g his gf at 5:30 in the morning”


  • University Maine Orino

    “My teacher showed me up at a party…and got more bitchs”


  • Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

    “It’s October and I barely had my first sip of alcohol and I had a threesome with my best friend and her boyfriend. #winning?”


  • Cal State Stanislaus

    “My ex/FWB decided to f**k up my relationship with the guy I was talking to so I decided to f**k it up for him with the girl he was getting to know #paybacksabitch”


  • CSU Stanislaus

    “Got back at my cheating ex by having sex with his girlfriend….did I do him a favor? #outthecloset”