Read Collegefessions

  • Centenary College Of New Jersey

    “Girls first night on campus, she was so shitfaced that the cops had to come and take her to the er bc she was passed out on the curb”


  • University of Guelph

    “My FWB makes me give him handjobs in his sleep.”


  • Lesley University

    “My roommates girlfriend tried to have sex with me.”


  • Radford University

    “Woke up from a kegger with just a mustache, a bloody rag from cleaning my cut up face, and not one single memory of the night before… #winning”


  • Texas A&M Kingsville

    “my roommate brings guys that aren’t her boyfriend in for the night and they have sex all night and sleep over. #thot”


  • Illinois State University

    “Took a girl home and when we were completely naked in bed she turned me down because she was a virgin and afraid to have sex”


  • The Evegreen State College

    “All we do is go in the woods and smoke weed. Literally everyday #oly”


  • SUNY Fredonia

    “Got drunk and three way made out with this guy and one of my best friends. She has a tongue ring.”


  • VCU

    “Saw this guy screwing a girl on a car behind my crib. Me and my boy smoked blunts, and encouraged their public porno.”


  • University of Florida

    “My roommate played annoying, loud music while I was trying to study, so I had crazy, loud sex while she was trying to sleep. #ftb”