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  • McPherson college

    “I’m bout to f**k this bitch and my girl about 2 hours away to come see me 
    #YOLO #weaintmarried”

    WTF (14)

  • Carroll Community College

    “It’s awkward going to community college and seeing all the people you’ve f****d since high school everyday… Slutty girl problems.” 

    WTF (2)

  • Diablo Valley College

    “Get compliments every time I give head. #doitrightladies” 

    WTF (2)

  • Clemson University

    “A guy tried to sleep with me not once but twice and couldn’t get hard. He was just “too scared to sleep with someone for the first time” #virgin” 

    WTF (8)

  • Grand Valley State University

    “I love sucking black dick and my white boyfriend doesn’t have any clue.” 

    WTF (21)

  • University of Central Florida

    “As an RA, I love move out season. Helped 4 girls move out, got 5 blowjobs, including 1 for a mom #winning” 

    WTF (0)

  • WIU

    “I love my boyfriend very much, but I wish he liked sex as much as me… #IWantMore”

    WTF (5)

  • LRC

    “Ladies. If you put out too easily, the only ring he’ll get you by spring is a NuvaRing.” 

    WTF (6)

  • Spoon River College

    “Our ginger roommate eats and sleeps with a block of cheese. I’m serious.” 

    WTF (23)

  • SEMO

    “I walked into my friends party after smoking with some people, and she asked me “how many blunts did y’all smoke?” I responded with “yeah”. Lol #sohigh #funtimes” 

    WTF (4)

  • Colorado state university

    “Whenever I get rejected by a girl I tell myself that I’m too good for her and deserve better to keep my confidence up” 

    WTF (7)

  • Marshall University

    “Blow jobs are cool and all, but I LOVE eating my girlfriend’s pussy. It turns me on so much. I could do it all day.” 

    WTF (8)

  • Erskine College

    “Thought my suite mate was slowing down on the number of guys she brings back to the room, then realized she’s starting to bring back girls too. #RunOutOfDick” 

    WTF (9)

  • Cal U of Pa

    “Licked peanut butter off of this kid at a party, then saved his number in my phone as “peanut butter”” 

    WTF (7)