Read Collegefessions

  • University of Arizona

    “When I read bitches swearing they’re not hoes, it makes me think they’re the worst type of hoes. #AintEvenMad”


  • Lehigh University

    “I waited until I caught my boyfriend cheating to let him know about the guy I’ve been hooking up with. #evenstevens”


  • Suffolk County Community College

    “My bf likes to make me go out in tight shirts with no bra so people can admire my fabulous tits. #idontmind #amazingtits #proudbf”


  • University of Wisconsin Madison

    “Slowlyyyyyy falling for the guy I had one drunken overnight with…he’s way too f*****g hot and adorable..fml”


  • The University of Alabama

    “I’ve been here 3 weeks and have yet to even get one girl’s phone number, #baller #foreveralone #LOVEME”


  • UNL

    “I propose to my girlfriend at a different bar every Friday night, it’s crazy the amount of people who buy us drinks. I can’t even remember the last time I paid for my alcohol #FreeDrinks”


  • Adam state university

    “when your friend borrows money from you but can’t pay you back and you see them going out to eat every week …. That’s probably yo money”


  • western carolina university

    “Had sex 3 times yesterday. Once with my girlfriend, once with my ex girlfriend, and once with a random freshman. Still haven’t showered.”


  • UW Waukesha

    “Accidentally drunk texted the lyrics to “All of Me” to the guy I really like. Good thing he couldn’t translate this: “Cf ux l is me lovers will is your Louvre yippee curves anew””


  • Morehead State University

    “If my room was to get searched right now, I’d be f****d. I have an empty vodka bottle in the closet, vodka in the freezer, vodka under my bed and 5 beers in the fridge.”