West Virginia University

“I regret making the decision to be smart rather than pretty.”


West Virginia University

“My lesbian tendencies are kicking in.. Need a girl on girl make out sesh like now #bicurious.”


Arizona State University

“I got crabs from having a threesome with this tall Alpha Phi blonde and this tiny ass brunette chick.”


Arizona State University

“Walked in on my friend asleep this morning. she was wearing a tutu and topless, not even a bra.”


California State University

“There are 363 days until Christmas and people already have their Christmas lights up..Unbelievable”


California State University

“i wish people at this school were more 420 friendly! so far i have made no connects!”


California State University

“i want to dump my girl but i feel bad since its christmas time.”


Florida State University

“I like drunk girls that will sleep with anyone!”


Northern Arizona University

“I just want a nice white girl with a big butt who loves the chocolate is that too much to ask for”


Central Washington University

“Are any ladies looking for a bearded man?”