University of Detroit


    “I spent all of first semester living in a double without a roommate because he left early in the semester because either my RA doesn’t give a f**k about it or maybe I just got lucky. Either way I was able to stash my drugs and alcohol 10x easier with the whole room to myself.”


    Pennsylvania State University


      “I met a guy in my freshman year of college and he had been flirting with me for a little while. I hadn’t noticed until someone mentioned that he might be interested, which of course made me interested. I started to flirt back, but then he dropped me like an egg. Apparently, it’s all about the chase.”


      Montclair State University


        “I’m still f*****g around with this guy who cheated on his girlfriend with me. I swore I wouldn’t f**k him again and just remain friends. But now I can’t bring myself to f**k anyone else but him and now I think I’m growing real feelings for him. What is going on with me!?”




          “Waking up every day and falling more and more in love with the person you’re with, accepting their imperfections, supporting their hopes and dreams, pushing them forward in life. If that’s not true love them idk what is.”


          Rutgers/Camden County College


            “I go to school at Camden County and in the fall of my freshman year I met an amazing, gorgeous girl who I fell in love with. She was a year older than me and was about to graduate with her associates. We ended up dating and had an amazing relationship eventually falling in love with each other. We even had both agreed we could see ourselves with each other for the rest of our lives. Then during the summer I went home and stayed completely faithful as did she. It wasn’t until I came back that anything went wrong. She had transferred to Rutgers and had already left by the time I came back. I went to visit her multiple times and everything seemed normal until one day she decided she “didn’t want a relationship anymore” she says she still loves me and wants to be with me just not right now. Morale of the story is don’t get fooled if you go to a community college and don’t fall in love with anyone who is going to transfer anywheres else. College will completely change them even if they claim they love you “unconditionally” and when the conditions change they will not want you anymore. My heart has now been broken by someone I would give the world too and they wouldn’t give me the time of day.”


            Shippensburg University


              “I have so many opportunities to drink, but I don’t. Why? Because my studies are actually important to me and I’m not trying to mess my life up. Yeah, girls like me still exist.”


              Cal Baptist University


                “Been dating my boyfriend for almost two years. Found out he’s been cheating on me for the last year and half with his “best friend”. I’ve wasted half of my college life on a guy who has no respect for me.”




                  “This guy I really liked told me one night when we were really drunk that he would take me out to dinner and to text him in the morning to remind him. I’m too scared to seem desperate so I never texted him but now I’m sad because I really wanted to go out with him.”


                  UNAM (Mexico)


                    “Hooked up with a guy at a party and we went to his house. When I was about to go down, his pants’ zipper somehow pinched his penis and he started bleeding a lot. We ended at a hospital, and his parents saw me and knew I was responsible.”




                      “Tried to get it in one last time before my boyfriend left to fly back to school. My room happened to be the only room in the building to not have heat. I got to spend the last day with him talking to the maintenance people who spent 5 hours trying to fix the heat.”