“My ex cheated on me but still wants to get back together. I’ve repeatedly told him that that’s not gonna happen ever. Lowkey thinking of taking him to one of the locations where he cheated on me and making out with some other dude just to get him to back off…”


    CU Boulder


      “I’ve been FWBs with this girl for awhile and I found out that she had a long distance boyfriend. One night we were getting it on and I told her it would be hot if she pretended to have phone sex with her boyfriend but really have sex with me. She went with it and started the call. I f****d her and after I was done and she moaned into the phone a lot I took the phone and told the boyfriend I’ve been f*****g her. He broke up with her and now I need a new FWBs. I mean yeah the sex was good but I don’t want to be that guy and since I didn’t know about him either at the beginning, I figured I should get something out of it too.”




        “I’ve come to realize the last couple years that it’s not how you treat your woman outside the bedroom. If you want to keep a girl in your life I recommend giving her the best sex ever. That’s the key to a long relationship.”


        University of Los Angeles California


          “My best friend texts me to ask if I’m home. He always comes over because my apartment is larger and nicer and always brings girls with him. Curiously I say no to see what he is up to. 10 minutes later I find him and 50 year old lady banging on my couch… #CollegeMemories”


          Farmingdale State College


            “Once I picked my nose while I was laying with my boyfriend and he was waking up so I put it on his index finger quickly and then pretended to be asleep so he thought it was his own. He woke up and ate it and went back to sleep.”


            La Tech


              “I f****d up the thing with the most perfect amazing guy. I want to fix things but I really don’t know what to do. I have never wanted someone so badly like I really think he is it. HELP. He told me we needed space and stuff and he told one of his frat brother they could take me home so he did. Then my guy got mad at me and stop pursuing our relationship. I just want my guy back.”


              Central Michigan University


                “Cheating on my gf my freshman year was the biggest regret of my life but I know now I’ll never do better than her and grateful she gave me another chance. Never lose yourself when you have something great”


                Clemson Unversity


                  “Hooked up with this one chick she started calling me daddy. How many girls enjoy that honestly? #replyfession”




                    “I was known as a party animal in college, hosted big parties, and got drunk 3-4 night a week. However, I also worked my ass off in school and worked part time 20-25 hours a week. Now I have a great job, brand new car, expensive clothes, and can get any girl I want. It’s possible to have the full college experience and not throw away your future. Good luck kids, the real world is very tough you have to work hard to play hard!”




                      “My gf said she went to her friends house when she actually went to one of her old flings to “clear things up” and I found out by her mom tracking her and she came over crying saying she was sorry for lying, but then lied to me at that moment about what really was said and she claims nothing happened. What should I do?”