Lock Haven University


    “My girl came to visit for the weekend and I told her she can hang out in my room while I was at work. Finished my shift and came home to find her f*****g my roommate.. #movingout”


    Loyola University Chicago


      “I invited an old booty call over to smoke with some friends intending to hook up…she had gotten a little fat and was grouchy so I pretended to be sick and sent her home. Then I texted a girl I’d just met smoking and had her come back over for some Netflix. We didn’t watch Netflix.



      Michigan State University


        “My boyfriend was sexting a girl online drunk one night, and while I gave him a second chance and he is sorry, we haven’t had sex in two weeks. I don’t want to tempt myself to rush back into things early but damn I’m horny and keep thinking about the guy I totally should have f****d in high school but never did. Damn.”




          “Drove an hour to have sex with a guy I met on Tinder. Probably the best sex of my life. But unfortunately I got an STD from him. Thing is, I’m not tragically upset because it’s really not the worst thing in the world.”


          Johns Hopkins University


            “As a medical student as well as a female with personal experience. I can say if you have a sore and inflamed throat, suck a dick and let it coat back of her throat with s*men. With in a few hours your throat will be fine.”


            Manhattan College


              “It was barely a month into my first semester freshman year and I really didn’t go out much. I usually drank, at the time, for just the social aspect, not to get f****d up. Anyway I was kind of in a depressed mood when a senior friend of mine said he wanted to take me out and show me the city. I agreed as not to come of like a bitch even though I knew I wasn’t feeling it. We went to like Chinese place that serves unlimited house wine for an initial fee. We where only there 45 mins and I finished about two to two and a half bottles on my own. I have no recollection as to what happened after, I just know I woke up in the hospital with a hobo in the bed next to me covered in my own blood from a 3 inch gouge at the top of my head, it required 5 stiches and I still had to find my own way back to campus because my senior friend said I left by myself and he had no idea what happened to me. I had only the bloody clothes on from the night before, proceeded to buy 2 Sauguge egg and Che ese McGriddles from McDonalds, got a free coffee from the cashier, and eventually made my way back up to campus 188 blocks away. I regret nothing.”


              University of Hawaii


                “Found out my husband has been lying to girls about us being married and talking to his ex so while he was out I packed my stuff and left with the dog #comingbackforthecouch #youreadouche”




                  “After cheating twice on the smallest, most perfect girl I have ever met, and having her stick with me through it all, I had my heart shattered by her ending it. Different colleges, different futures. The only future I can imagine anymore is to break as many little hearts as I can, to try to make up for the one that I will never be able to reclaim.




                    “My now ex-fiancé got me pregnant and I found out a week after we broke up. He thought it was a trick to get him back. Yea, I did something I thought I could never do. Must be nice not having to worry about being a father.”




                      “My bf of 2+ years has a best friend that’s a girl and she acts like his girlfriend. She makes plans and gets mad when he doesn’t text her but he claims they’re just friends. What do I do?”