“Studied, didn’t party, worked hard, kept out of trouble, graduated. Fast forward 3 years- my business makes high 6 figures, I date 18-20 year olds, and I travel 6 months out of the year. Meanwhile the college partiers are mostly fat and married, still paying off college, and trying to take care of their shitty little children. Get your priorities right- So so worth it.”


    College Of DuPage


      “So I met this guy off Tinder and we clicked so fast. A month later I decided to go over to his place and finally have sex with him because I couldn’t take it anymore and the dick pics were pretty damn amazing. When I finally got to his place, he came down from his apartment, opened the door and let me in. I was walking up the stairs when he said “Sorry, I can’t help it. Your ass is so damn amazing.” Yeah he touched it. Then we get in his apartment, through text his intentions were to chill.

      He had Netflix all set up and popcorn made. He hugged me, and within 5 minutes I was giving him the blowjob of his life which later led to sex. Now, when we first started having sex it was almost 9. It was the best sex of my life. I ended up staying the night and got no sleep because we had sex the whole damn night. After each time we were done, we would cuddle up and take a mini nap before we would go at it again. That morning I woke him up with a blowjob and we made out as I was leaving, that led to sex on the couch. I left so pleased and I knew I wanted more of that.

      I’m very busy with work and school so I couldn’t meet up with him as much as I liked. We would get together usually on Fridays or Saturday nights and have sex/”hang out”. Now, I didn’t mention this but he was a little older than me. He was 25 and I was at the time 19 almost 20. I tried changing my schedule around and using my time wisely so I could have sex with him during the week, because quite honestly I was always stressed and never had fun. 3 weeks later I started seeing him a least 3 times a week. I already said the sex is amazing but he was also sweet even though he would treat me like a little slut in bed which I won’t complain about.

      A good month passed and I find out a few things along the way. 1. He was an active drug dealer. Now I don’t mean a petty drug dealer. He was getting shipments straight from California using the government operated mail. I was there to witness a delivery and the opening of the big box. 2. The worst thing, I found out he was married. I was a little hurt and stopped talking to him. But the more I thought about it, the less I cared because I knew what we had was sex, and it was great sex.

      So I stopped acting like a little bitch and went back for more because at the end of the day, it wasn’t my marriage and he decided to continue with me too. Sex became better, more screaming and more rough. Loved it. And then out of no where, one day he tells me he’s getting a divorce. He clarifies… he got divorced. And after he finished talking, I got up and grabbed my purse running out of his apmt. He wanted to make “us” a real thing. He didn’t want me to see other people.

      That may seem amazing but what I heard was “I got a divorce for you.” and I also heard “Even though I’m a cheater, I want you.”
      So I got out before I could get myself into a bigger mess. I will miss the sex the most.”

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      University of Maryland


        “I’m f*****g a 27 year old mom with two kids behind my girlfriends back. Her baby daddy is in prison for stabbing her ex boyfriend and my biggest fear is that she’s trying to make me get her pregnant; but the sex is amazing. #whatshouldido”


        Belmont University


          “My girlfriend wasn’t happy with me so I told her I cheated, even got my best female friend to lie so she’d believe me. She deserved so much better and didn’t see it so I did what I had to for her. I still love her but she needed better.”


          Shawnee State University


            “One of my Male nursing friends is hung like a horse. I can’t help but to stare at his crotch every time we have clinically at KDMC. It’s only the first week of the semester too. Those damn scrub pants are just too revealing for him to wear. I mean damn it looks as wide as my wrist. Can’t wait to go to KDMC again on Monday.”


            University of Arkansas


              “I went to this girl’s house. She was cold so I let her use my jacket. The night before this happened I put my standards list in my pocket because drunk me has made poor choices choosing women recently. Anyway, this girl reaches into my jacket pocket. She finds the fifty standards list. As she’s reading through them she realizes she doesn’t meet half of my standards. There are fifty standards. She slaps me in the face three times. As I leave she is in tears still trying to kill me. High standards have their consequences I guess.”


              Alfred University


                “Was in line for the bathroom at this party behind 2 girls who were behind a dude. When it was his turn the girls were like “no we’re going first we have tits” and I went off on this speech for like 5mins to the 3 of them saying how feminists want all this equality and shit so I told those bitches to wait their turn and made sure the guy went in first. I’m a girl. #fuckfeminists”


                Ole Miss


                  “I dated a girl on and off throughout high school and we would break up for stupid reasons, anyways she would always tell me she never did anything with anyone. Well this past year She’s been telling me and her mom has been telling me that she has been trying to seriously harm herself and baiting me into dating her again and I have been and now I’ve been finding out about how the whole time she’s been hooking up with other dudes and shit and both her and her mom lied to me and stupidly I fell for all of it because I truly loved her and I’ve been getting played my whole time with her and nobody said anything. And then today I found out she had been hooking up with other dudes on the side in high school too.. At the end of the day jokes on her. Her school sucks and is closing down, and she’ll be jealous when it’s all said and done.”


                  Austin Peay


                    “My ex was an ass. So I drunkenly told his best friend about the sex dream I had about him. His best friend then asked for my number and decided that going home with me was a great idea. I feel no shame.”


                    Baldwin Wallace University


                      “I’ve been together with my boyfriend for 2.5 years. We are both 25 years old and I just graduated college. I know he is the one but I think I have to wait 2 more years until he proposes…. So there’s that.”