“Well let’s start this story by saying that my ex texted me yesterday saying she wants me back. 

So it was about a year and a half ago when I meet this girl at a party. She is looking amazing and dancing incredibly sexy. Oh and here’s the kicker, she cannot take her eyes off of me nor I her. (I was later told half the girls there wanted me) but I work my way over to her and we do the typical small talk and wouldn’t you know it we have a lot in common. So I get her number and we go on a few dates and then I finally ask her out. Well a few months go by and we see each other everyday and one day she just transfers schools. Now mind you this had been months since we first started going out and not a mention of her transferring. So I’m sitting there balling my eyes out thinking it’s the end of the world. But she asked me to follow her. So I did. Worst mistake of my life. I transfer as soon as I can and we move into an apartment together. Now we get along perfectly but the issue of her just leaving out of the blue keeps coming up. Finally she admits she couldn’t take the city anymore and needed a change but didn’t want to hurt me. I call bull shit but don’t say anything nor bring it up anymore. Well another month goes by and we settle in and this is where it gets f****d up. She admits that there is someone else she has fallen for. Says that I need to move out, I’m paying for the apartment, and that he is a better guy than I will ever be. So I comply and she starts paying and I find a different place. Not a week later she calls me saying she made a huge mistake and that he only used her for sex. We were both waiting for marriage and now she isn’t a virgin. yet I take her back but don’t move in. A week goes by and I come home to the same guy in my bed with her. So I flip shit. I beat the shit out of him and kick her to the curb. Her mom calls me yelling and says that she called the police and they are one the way to arrest me. They took my side and arrested her for an outstanding warrant. Turns out the reason she left the city was to escape the cha rges. Well she gets locked up for a month and gets out. Her mom hates me for no reason and her sister has been talking to me saying that I was the victim and that I didn’t deserve any of that. So I move back to be with her sister and we are still together this day. I feel bad for her though because she was dis honed by her family but it’s okay because she had the cheater father the crazy mother and the psycho sister. But hey love is love”

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