No money to buy a Halloween costume this year? No problem! Extreme body painting is the trendiest new way to transform your body into something totally different, and what better time to try it out than this Halloween.

Sarah Swingle, a profession extreme body painter has done some seriously cool work. Some of her transformations include a full body silver robot, an octopus, a steam-punk painted corset. The opportunities are endless with this incredible new costuming technique. Swingle uses other materials like jewels and cellophane, so don’t worry, you aren’t totally nude.

bodyImage via Huffington Post

The best part about extreme body painting is that no one will have the same costume as you. These creations are one of a kind, and there are techniques to accentuate the best parts of your body. Say good-bye to that not so flattering “slutty devil” costume and hello to a gorgeous, unique costume of your own. #flawless

Give it a try at home! Check out Swingle’s work and get some inspiration here.

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