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With the fall semester over, there are sure to be some low GPA’s out there. Trust me, we read these confessions. There is no way you can do all the shit you send us and still be in good academic standing. As fun goes up, grades go down. Judging by the stuff you sent us, you had a kick ass semester. Here are some confessions from people that had a really fun semester.

Don’t forget your parents expectations, your chances of getting a good job, etc.

That’s what FOX does with the ratings for Bob’s Burgers.

Got your future in the cut and ….okay I’m sorry but that song is terrible. You’re screwed.

Don’t be upset, it takes a village man.

Sounds like a challenge to anyone with a 4.0 to me.

Okay, this guys GPA isn’t low. I just thought this was awesome.

I they let you can read this from jail.

You better move! You better dance! …your ass to the library.

Not to late to do your professor. Actually it is. Oh well.

Next year you can put on some sweats and go as a dropout.