When you were a kid, your parents told you to check all your trick-or-treating candy for razor blades or poison. Those days are long gone. Now you’re going to need to keep an eye out for something a little less sharp, but a lot more potent.

Denver police are warning Colorado residents to be careful about the candy they ingest this Halloween. With the recently lifted marijuana law, things are getting a little wavy in the centennial state. Apparently marijuana edible candy looks very similar to regular candy. Denver police spokesman Lt. Matt Murray was quoted, “…it’s easy to mistake what looks like regular candy with a marijuana edible.”


Marijuana lollipops pictured above. Image via Huffington Post

Colorado residents are advised to throw out any candy that doesn’t look like a brand you’d typically recognize, unless you’re feeling risky.

Most people aren’t too worried about this little candy mix-up scare, because it’s simply no different than any other Halloween danger that’s come up before. So this Halloween when you check your candy, make sure to keep an eye out for razor blades AND potential marijuana edibles. What a world we live in.

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