“So I’d been seeing this girl for roughly 6 months. We’d been sleeping together and having a hell of a time. I was even beginning to have real feelings for this girl. So one day I’m told by this other girl in class that my girl is cheating on me. Come to find out she really is. So I broke up with her. Bout a month later I’m bored on pot site and see a link to some milf-hookup site. Sign up cuz I’m girly as f**k and find some older lady to hookup with. So we f**k a couple of times (surprisingly) and then it ends. Come to the schools family night and see my ex. I go over out of common courtesy to say hello and se how she is. Only to discover that the milf is been f*****g, was her grandmother. I laughed so hard and rudely walked away. Still f****d her grandma two more times. #noregrets #karma”

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