Me- “Hi, can I get a #5 with large fries”.

Girl- “Sorry, I have a boyfriend”.

Have you ever found yourself in a weird situation like this? It’s awkward. These are the worst type of females. Except the ones with herpes. They mistake our kindness, or just random conversation as flirting. Checkout these confessions where people have been in similar situations.


1) He’s just trying to get an A, not that V


2) Guy was just trying to get some beer money


3) Chill girl, it’s just community college


4) He’s just trying to stuff the turkey, not you


5) Even the damn professors?


6) He’s just trying to slide in his HW. Not slide into those DMs


7) You can’t win. It’s impossible


8) These girls are selfish bruh


9) Well let’s see if your boyfriend will make it to Heaven


10) Where was her boyfriend to save her?

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