“Spring break was approaching and there was no way I could go back home due to the cold weather. There was a kid that I was pretty tight with that lived down in Florida. I ended up flying down and spending a week with him and his family. He told me in advance that his best friend was coming down and that he was still really close to her. I told him that I wouldn’t have sex with her…yea that didn’t last to long. The first day we were at the beach together me and his BF ended up making out in the Gulf of Mexico and making it to second base. Later that night I hit a home-run, f*****g her in his parents jacuzzi and my friends bed twice only for him to walk in on me eating her out. The sex was nothing short of incredible. She rides a mean dick. His mom found the condom in the bushes after we were done in the jacuzzi and ended up flipping out. That didn’t stop us though. The second night we f****d on the beach twice and were seen by multiple people, including my friend. The third night I ended up getting a hand job in the back of my friends car while there was 3 other people riding with us. The forth night we were cock blocked by my friend’s parents and ended up f*****g in the back of her grandfathers car after the club (I busted on her grandfathers car seats, sorry papa). The very last night we were together my friend ended up bitching her out and kicking her out of his house. Him and I are still very close friends and crack jokes about it. But her and I still talk and plan on hooking up again. I thought the trip was a complete success in my opinion. The break was awesome. I owe this kid more than an apology but I’m glad we’re still friends. Spring Break 2014, where bad decision make for the best stories.”

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