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Rutgers University

    “Hooked with a different girl every weekend until 1st day back junior year this adorable freshman girl walked up to me and asked me for directions to her dorm. Had her follow me, she invited me in and we clicked, talked for hours and bc she was so sweet, I immediately fell head over heals in love with her. Took her out on a date that night. Got back to her place, told her I’m falling in love with her. She told me she felt the same way and she wanted me to be her first so we made love. That was last year and we’ve made love at least 5 times a week since then and she’s a total freak in the sheets. Everyone thinks we’re virgins just bc I’ve never told anyone about my one night stands or kinky gf. Am I seriously the only guy out there that is capable of respecting a girls privacy?”

    Arizona State


      “Had a one night stand with a cute girl I met at a party and she left before I woke up. First girl I had sex with that wasnt BF/GF relationship with. Saw her in line at Starbucks a week later so I bought her coffee bc I felt bad that I never took her out on a date or made her breakfast like every other girl I’ve slept with. She told me I was creeping her out, she didnt want a relationship and only wanted my dick for 1 night. I was just trying to be a gentleman and treat her like a human. 2 months later she informed me that I would be sharing a child with her. I really hope my daughter has higher standards than her mother, that’s my #1 goal.”


      Saint Mary’s County


        “I was really high at this party that got busted a while back. When everyone was leaving to evade the cops I started to throw Flaming Hot Cheetos out the window of the car I was in because my brain convinced me that it would stop the police from following us. I did this the whole ride back and we got home without being arrested.”


        University of Texas at Arlington


          “My LDR girlfriend cheated on me halfway through 2015, I forgave her and we got back together. Final week of 2015, I could tell she was tired with the relationship and she actually broke up with me. On the 31St, she came back begging, claiming it was just a prank and wanted me to take her back. Should I? I don’t wanna go into the new year with someone who doesn’t care about my feelings”




            “Guys: If you think she is the girl of your dreams then go after her. I was too close to losing her and I think about it everyday. My life would be entirely different without her. I don’t think I could have ever forgiven myself if I would have lost her.”


            College of the Naz


              On New Years, I poured my heart out to this boy….he turned me down, basically saying that I was trash and he would never be with me. So needless to say I was feeling pretty down on myself. But a few days later I met this new guy, who I’m pretty sure will be my husband one day. Started 2016 in such a great way, God works in mysterious ways.”


              Buffalo State College


                “On September 21st a saw this guy sitting in my schools cafe and I took a picture to show my friends. I thought he was so cute so I began to stalk him on social media and the schools athletic website. He had no idea who I was until we f****d on Halloween. We’ve been sleeping together since and I still have that picture.”


                University of Arkansas Graduate


                  “My teachers and parents thought I wasn’t ready to go to college when I was an incoming freshman. I became an alcoholic my freshman year and almost flunked out as a virgin with practically no friends. Sophomore year, I smoked way too much weed and grew some balls to start using the trial and error method with some decent looking girls. Junior Year I figured it all out. My four roommates were constantly fighting over who’s king of the apartment. I left that shit ASAP. Locked down a long term, attractive friends with benefits for a few months. Senior year came around, I had lots of sex, smoked a lot, drank a lot, and I’m still baby & STD free about to make my way into the sports industry after interning with the NFL over the summer. Now all I want/need is a loyal, attractive, not psycho, or way too bitchy girl I can be with for long term. That seems impossible now even with the arrow pointing straight up.”




                    “Stop f*****g around. If you want to be single, then tell them. Y’all act like children and when someone does it back to you, you blame them. When in reality, it is karma for you being a piece of shit.”


                    Colorado State university


                      “Went to Halloween parties and continued to get so drunk that I blacked out after losing a game of battleshots, I got told I pissed off the balcony and passed out in the hall. I woke up in the hospital with no phone, no car keys, and my friends already drove home. I walked around the building knocking on doors where the ambulance picked me up. Met a few other strangers and we all went and got breakfast together to try and piece together our nights”