Put yourself in this situation. You just got bit by an eastern brown snake– The second most venomous snake in existence. One fourteen-thousandth of an ounce of its venom can kill a bitch. Now, let’s be honest for just a minute. If you got bitten, realistically you’d probably flail around and pass out from shock while the snake’s still clamped down on your hand. That’s what I’d do anyway. Not a very cool way to go out if you ask me.

CF- Poisonous snake(Photo: Allan Reinikka)

Rod Sommerville from Australia had a different idea in mind. While gardening, he got bit by an eastern brown snake. Instead of losing his shit, he hit it with a shovel and called 911. Then…wait for it…he grabbed a beer out of his fridge and sat on his couch. I know we all have different opinions, but this man’s actions are heroic no matter how you look at it.

He told the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin that if he was going to die, he was going to have a beer. What a f*****g legend. This guy survived only because of the anti-venom he got at the hospital. Oh, and because his balls are made of steel. Rod, like a champion, stayed in the hospital for over three weeks. One can only assume they kept him in there for so long for the snake’s safety.

Some say that after surviving the initial bite, the snake was overcome by fear of Rod’s revenge that he took his own life. Wise decision, Mr. Eastern brown snake. Wise decision indeed.