[Image via Cook County Sheriff’s Office]

21 year old Daniel Kowalski (pictured above) has been accused of running a methamphetamine lab straight out of his home while wearing a Breaking Bad t-shirt. Is this guy the ultimate troll or just plain stupid?

For those who don’t know recognize the t-shirt in the mugshot, it’s from the hit TV series Breaking Bad on AMC. “Los Pollos” is the restaurant that belongs to the ruthless meth kingpin, Gus Gustavo.

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A report from NBC Chicago states the lab wasn’t active but they did find several items including twelve jars of psychedelic mushrooms.

It was also reported that two other men were home during the search, but they were released without charges. No, they were not wearing any Breaking Bad clothing.

This wasn’t Daniel’s first bust either. It was reported that he was also arrested in July 2013 for a having a meth lab in his home.

Remember, stay in school. Unless you’re Walter White. If you’re Walter, then cook meth. Lots of it.

Breaking Bad
[via tumblr]

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