College: the best four years of your life. In those four years, you’ll come across hundreds of different people who are all unique in their own ways; however, some of the stereotypes really are true. Here are some of the people that you will definitely come across during your time as a broke, sleep-deprived undergrad.

  1. The One Night Stand: that person you hooked up with one time, but are now bound to see everywhere on campus until you graduate. Whether you regret the hookup or not, it doesn’t matter, because they will see you every time you step out into public.
  1. The Frat Boy: you’ll recognize him as soon as you see the sperrys and the salmon pink shorts. This might be the easiest type of guy to spot on campus because he’ll always be wearing his letters and will only ever be around other guys who are also wearing their letters.
  1. The Alum: this is the guy who has already graduated, but just can’t seem to get past his college years; he’s still sticking around on campus, hanging out with the undergrads and partying it up, avoiding the real world for as long as possible.
  1. The Pothead: this is the guy who is perpetually stoned. He’s the one you’ll see smoking anytime of the day or at 2 a.m. getting food for his munchies. There’s probably one question you ask yourself whenever you see him: how does he afford to buy so many drugs?
  1. The Drunk Guy: he is never sober and you really wonder how his liver hasn’t failed yet; most likely, he’s also the guy who is stumbling everywhere at parties and trying to flirt with every girl (and epically failing).
  1. The Rich Preppy Boy: using his “daddy’s money” for everything, this boy thinks he’s better than everyone; he’ll drive a fancy car, buy drinks for everyone in the bar to look cool and thinks that every girl he tries to get at owes it to him to sleep with him.
  1. The Nerd: this is the guy who is probably in the honors llllege, gets straight A’s and doesn’t smoke, drink or party; people might make fun of him now, but most likely, he’ll be someone’s boss one day.


Sai Seshadri is a contributing writer at Collegefession™, she attends Arizona State University. Follow her on Twitter