Writer's block

College is generally a good time, just look at any Collegefession. However, there are some things that used to be enjoyable when you were growing up that just aren’t anymore. Here are some of them.

1) Reading

Even the magazine you get delivered to your apartment starts feeling like homework. With textbooks, novels for lit class, notes you should probably re-read before the test tomorrow, you shouldn’t even be reading this column right now (but please do).

2) Driving

Remember how when you first got your license the sense of freedom and maturity you felt behind the wheel? Now it’s just rushing to get to work/ class/ intern. Or if you’re one of the few friends with a car it’s dodging requests to take people to the mall or drive them home from the bar… No.

3) Lunch

Lunch used to be the best part of the day growing up, you can’t argue with that. You got to share snacks with friends and have a solid amount of time to hang out. Now you’re stuck with the dinning hall and your friends have class when you don’t. Or you have to *gasp* cook for yourself. Not about it.

4) Appointments

Gone are the days where your Mom picked you up from school in the middle of the day for a doctor’s appointment and everyone was so jealous you got to miss class and get a lollipop and sticker. Now you have to set aside time and call the office yourself and you can’t afford to miss class.

5) All-Nighters

You were so cool if you stayed up past midnight as a kid. Now you’d be lucky to get any sleep at all. You find yourself taking naps in the middle of the day like a toddler and cramming for midterms surrounded by junk food and caffeinated drinks until the early hours of the morning.

6) Shopping

Unless you’re using Daddy’s credit card or something, shopping is no longer a joyous weekend activity. It’s a painful reminder of all the things you want (need) and can’t afford because you’re a broke college kid.

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