Let me tell you about this dark place that no man or woman wants to be in. It’s dark, cold, and wretched. There’s a 99.5% chance that you’ll never escape it. This my friends is called the Friend Zone. If you don’t act quickly, you’ll be locked in for good. Read some of these confessions below from people so deep in the friend zone that there is literally no escape.


Bro, I feel for you


In a damn sleeping bag? lmao


Well, hello Satan


She’s got you whipped


He’s so deep in the friend zone that he needs prayers. Prayers sent bro


How in the hell do you get yourself there?


Ouch. Right in the feels


Did you at least pick some good looking ones?


Did they?


Just for the laughs, a bro who got out of the friend zone successfully


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  • “bro”

    "oh no a girl won't f**k me what a nighmare i'm a f*****g immature child"
    get it together

  • you are all idiots

    the male ego is the most fragile thing in this universe and i'm an astrophysicist so you can quote me on that

  • f*****g grow up


  • Realist

    1. Google a man called David D'Angelo
    2. Read his stuff until you actually get it and stop thinking like a wuss
    3. Profit.

  • James Nunn

    Seriously, let go of the Friendzone thing boys. If you expect a woman to f*ck you in return for being a friend to her, you're not a friend, and she's keeping you in this non-existent zone because she knows you're a scheming little turd, and she's enjoying your discomfort at not getting what you think you're entitled to. Women don't exist just so you have somewhere to dump your spunk.