Latest Collegefessions

  • St. Cloud state university

    “I love walking past orientation groups with my friends and joking about the lines of cocaine we did last night. The parents’ expressions are too great.”


  • University of Arkansas

    “My ex has been in a relationship for about 10 months with one of the many girls that he cheated on me with. Little does she know, he has been cheating on her with me since they became a couple. The sex has always been absolutely mind-blowing with my ex, despite him being an unfaithful jerk I wasted 4+ years on and still love. I have to admit though, the revenge against her for always bragging about being the other woman, while I was a clueless idiot, is so very satisfying. #sorrynotsorry #isntlovegrand #twistedconfessions”


  • Bridgewater State University

    “Went to a club last night and woke up in my car with my pants in the backseat… There is no excuse.”


  • San Diego state

    “Saddest moment taking my marine to the airport for deployment”


  • Central Washington University

    “Went to a party, got cross faded and blacked out. Friends say I went home with a girl and I woke up with a hickey and no memory of last night.”


  • Rowan University

    “I told my wingman, “We are having a threesome tonight.” And hours later, we were having a threesome. Will never forget that shit.”


  • College

    “I fell asleep in a ditch, one roommate woke up in the hospital, and the other got mugged…all in one nights work.”


  • Denver Unniversity

    “My boyfriend and I are doing long distance and it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do, but we’d do it 10x over if it means we will be with each other for the rest of our lives #WeAreInLove #Loyal”


  • Art Institute Of Pittsburgh

    “2 weeks after leaving for college, my girlfriend broke up with me because i wouldn’t have phone sex with her while my rooommate was in the room. #LesbianProblems”


  • York University

    “Tequilas become my new best friend. Especially since I have 2 essays and an exam due tmrw #priorities”