Latest Confessions

  • Kent State University

    “Cheated on my boyfriend 4 times already this semester.”

    WTF (5)

  • Garrett county community college

    “I have been to a party every single weekend but still only bring the same bitch home #nasty girl probs”

    WTF (2)

  • UNR

    “Walked in on my roommate with a guy at 6am and she looked at me & kept f*****g #ShesAFreak”

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  • UF

    “I found 4 chicken wings 3 cookies a piece of chalk in my purse & a picture of me holding a Hispanic baby. I think my game day went well”

    WTF (3)

  • San Francisco State

    “i hooked up with some guy and i left an earring at his place and i dont want to see him but i want my earring back, f**k”

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