Latest Collegefessions

  • GU

    “I just broke up with my boyfriend, and over the weekend I’ve slept with more than three guys already. #SorryNotSorry”


  • California State University Fresno

    “I f****d in the middle of a street last night.”


  • Cornish College of the Arts

    “Apparently having sex here has to be considered an art. #TheArtsMan”


  • NotreDame

    “I partied with Bon Jovi’s son. Then stole $40 from my one night stand#NoRagrets”


  • San Joaquin Delta College

    “Went to class on acid and laughed at this guy for 10 minutes straight. He asked what my deal was and I started laughing harder.”


  • Marine Corps

    “Joined the Marine Corps cuz they said I’ll get more pussy than in college…. Got sent over seas for two years total. No pussy”


  • Indiana university of Pennsylvania

    “Homecoming was epic but taking a girl back to my dorm two straight nights and getting her completely naked and passing out… Still pissed”


  • Delta College

    “I went to a rave in Detroit for my 20th birthday. I used a random guy’s shoulders as a tampon. Good thing I didn’t give him my number.”


  • California State University Stanislaus

    “Two of my best friends are Eskimo brothers and one of them doesn’t know because the girl is his GF of 2 years”


  • Rochester Intstitute of Technology

    “My girlfriend is having a threesome with my best friend and her roommate.”