Latest Collegefessions

  • Vincennes University

    “If I could bang a fictional character from my childhood, there is no doubt in my mind that it would be Dark Magician Girl. Maybe this is why I have gone sexless throughout my 3 years of college.”


  • Chico State

    “One time I woke up naked in my best friend’s dorm room”


  • Appying for College

    “So my parents found out that I was having sex, so they took my car keys and are keeping me in the house”


  • SPSU

    “I borrow my roommates scissors to cut my pubes #noragrets”


  • Kennesaw State University

    “When meeting my ex boyfriends grandmother for the first time, I shook her hand with the same hand that I finished him off with. #whoops”


  • Nova Southeastern University

    “Awkward moment when you are all alone and the room above are f*****g so hard you’re scared they’re gonna come through the roof. #freshmanproblems #Leogoodwin”


  • St. Cloud state university

    “I love walking past orientation groups with my friends and joking about the lines of cocaine we did last night. The parents’ expressions are too great.”


  • University of Arkansas

    “My ex has been in a relationship for about 10 months with one of the many girls that he cheated on me with. Little does she know, he has been cheating on her with me since they became a couple. The sex has always been absolutely mind-blowing with my ex, despite him being an unfaithful jerk I wasted 4+ years on and still love. I have to admit though, the revenge against her for always bragging about being the other woman, while I was a clueless idiot, is so very satisfying. #sorrynotsorry #isntlovegrand #twistedconfessions”


  • Bridgewater State University

    “Went to a club last night and woke up in my car with my pants in the backseat… There is no excuse.”


  • San Diego state

    “Saddest moment taking my marine to the airport for deployment”