Latest Collegefessions

  • Auburn University

    “Got so high I thought stirring food would make it hotter because of friction #engineeringmajor”


  • Minnesota State University- Mankato

    “I’m a freshman f*****g a senior. (I’m a guy)”


  • Ferrum College

    “Do NOT settle for a man who will put his hands on you. No sex is worth it.”


  • Lasell College

    “I feel like my parents would be super proud if they knew I made my tinder hookups wear condoms”


  • Fulton Montgomery CC

    “Went to the bar, saw my professor… Yea we turned up.”


  • University of Delware

    “I was my current gf aunt’s f**k buddy before I started dating her. Its actually how we met”


  • Texas Tech

    “By the time I walk across the stage my goal is to see every pair of tits on campus. #GunsUp”


  • Stephen F. Austin State University

    “Me & this girl were talking, tiill she went back for her ex w/o telling me. They broke up 5 months later & she invited me to stay the night. Thing got heated & I came in her mouth and left. #karma”


  • University of Louisville

    “As a joke, my roommate told me he came in my bed. Naturally, I came all over his toothbrush. #Goodjoke”


  • Ohio University

    “A gay guy passed out in the same bed that my best friend was passed out in, for months I had her convinced that they f****d that night.”