Latest Collegefessions

  • Casper College

    “Been in the friend zone for 4 years, now she wants to f**k me. #win”


  • Minnesota State Mankato

    “Slept with a guy this weekend…found out it was my roommate’s older brother. Still planning to sleep with him again.”


  • Armstrong State University

    “I’m about to have my 1st threesome. I’m a girl and I’m the stranger. It’s 2 girls and 1 guy. I’m nervous, do you have any tips? #replytweet”


  • Montclair State University

    “once me and this girl were chilling in my bed & we just went right into f*****g, but she didn’t blow me so when we were done i told her she had to because what’s sex without a blow job??”



    “f****d my Ex GF on her parents bed…then found her moms big blue dildo…used it on her till she came! #shesachamp”


  • University of Oregon

    “I got pregnant, but I have a plan: have the baby and place it for adoption”


  • Univ of North Fl

    “been detained for distribution, two warnings for fake ID, warning for MIP on college campus, let off of public intox, successfully ran while detained for MIP, made moonshine, and got kicked out of SEC school. But zero arrests #aight”


  • Grand Valley State University

    “My friend was so drunk at a football game, she ate 2 hotdogs and a hamburger and then left to find some pulled pork. She’s a vegetarian…”


  • CBU

    “chicks here don’t like threesomes with another girl but they don’t mind two guys f*****g them at the same time.”


  • San Diego State University

    “Not sure if I’m just really hungover, or if I’m showing symptoms of meningitis…”