Latest Confessions

  • UW River Falls

    “I gave a guy a blowjob while two other people were in the same bed, he had a girlfriend, and I told her. #oops” 

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  • Purdue

    “I really want to have a 3 some with my girlfriend & her mom #HotMomma” 

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  • Oregon

    “If you don’t sleep with a pair of your girlfriends panties under your pillow, you don’t appreciate the pussy” 

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  • UW River Falls

    “Got a blowjob from a girl, woke up the next morning and my girlfriend surprised me. #thatwasclose” 

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  • GRCC

    “I told my FWB that we shouldn’t fool around anymore, ended that conversation with phone sex.. #imweak” 

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  • Western University

    “I was bored at this party, so I f****d 5 guys the same night. #ThotOfTheDay #Sloots” 

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  • University of Central Florida

    “I’m in love with a guy whom I fear will only become a FWB.” 

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