Latest Collegefessions

  • Kent State

    “I send my boyfriend dirty pictures while he’s in chapter. #goodgirlffriend #longdistance”


  • UW-Oshkosh

    “If getting wasted on a Sunday night is wrong then I don’t wanna be right #noragrets”


  • Texas Tech University

    “I stuck it in her butt and told her it was a ghost. It was pretty tight”


  • Loyola University Chicago

    “Yes, I am not a father, heard from pant less friend in the hallway.”


  • Broward College

    “I can’t be the only one that misses my girlfriend after she gives me head… Right?”


  • Schoolcraft College

    “I f****d the shit out of my professor that I had last semester, so stupid of me to not do that during the semester to lock up that 4.0 :(“


  • Lebanon valley college

    “If you wine and dine her, then she’ll suck and f**k you”


  • University of Washington

    “Got shit-faced drunk one night and woke up in my own vomit the next day.”


  • GCU

    “Had to tell a girl that her pussy stinks so a few hours later I asked her if she’d like to try out some pineapple #nailedit”


  • CMU

    “f****d a straight dime. Puked on her the next night, blacked out and woke up with an mip. Needless to say i f****d up…”